9 boys rape girl in the mango orchard

Feb 11 2020 12:04 PM
9 boys rape girl in the mango orchard

A new case of crime has emerged from Mehboobabad. A girl is gang-raped in Balram Tanda area here. There were talks about this matter for a long time and now this incident has been resolved by the police.8 accused were arrested and one accused is absconding as a total of 9 accused are involved in the case. Four accused Myner have been told among the accused. According to reports, a girl from Illandu Mandal in Khammam district left the railway from Hyderabad on the 6th of this month and reached Mehboobabad at 7 am.

During that time she stayed there till evening due to his lack of money. At around 9 o'clock at night, a young man of her known Balaram Tanda called her and asked her to come to Tanda for money, after which she went to Tanda. In this case, the other eight men along with the young man took him to the mango orchard on the border of the village, asking him to give money and they raped him there.

In this case, after hearing shouts from the mango orchard at 11 am, Hari, husband of Islawat Nilaveeni, sarpanch of Balram Tanda, who was on a motorcycle from there, reached the spot. Seeing them coming there, the accused absconded and after talking with the victim, Nilaveeni's husband Hari informed the girl's father. 

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