Beautiful and romantic honeymoon destination in your budget

Mar 31 2020 03:03 PM
Beautiful and romantic honeymoon destination in your budget

Nowadays, choosing a honeymoon destination for the bride and groom is also an important job in wedding preparations. Where the new couple could spend time together. And make good memories. But many times honeymoon expenses have to cancel the program. That is why today we will tell you about such places in India where you can spend a very good time with your partner for less.

1) Hampi

If the couple is interested in historical buildings and old culture, then they can choose Hampi as their honeymoon destination. Let us tell you that Hampi city of Karnataka enjoys world heritage fame by UNESCO. You can spend time in peace away from the noise. There are countless buildings like old temples, palaces, strongholds, water ruins, platforms, and royal pavilions. And if you like walking on the beach, then Hampi is a good honeymoon spot. Those who can enjoy walking in a low budget.

Since Hampi is not far from the stations and airport of Bangalore. The nearest domestic airport is Belgaum and Hubli. The cost of a person's ticket to reach here by flight will be around 9 thousand rupees. Also, staying in Hampi for 5 days can cost 10 to 15 thousand.

2) Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is one of the best places to plan a honeymoon in a low budget. You can also enjoy fishing with water games, underwater diving in Andaman and Goa, Lakshadweep. Here you can roam with partners on Kathmath, Minicoy, Kavaratti, Bangaram, Kalpeni and Agati islands. Also, tell you that you will also find colourful fish in the marine life of Kathmath.

To reach Lakshadweep, you first have to take a flight from Kochi Airport to Aerodrome, which will cost 8 thousand per person. And if you are feeling 8 thousand even more. So you can reach Lakshadweep by Passenger Ship also. Also, the cost of staying here for 3 to 4 days can be 15 to 18 thousand.

3) Nainital

Nainital, the city of lakes, is a famous tourist destination of Uttarakhand. Here every person can make a good honeymoon plan according to their budget. Nainital is covered with snowy mountains and is surrounded by many lakes. Here, couples can enjoy Nazaro on Nain Tal. After visiting the temple of Naina Devi, Corbett Park, Almora, Ranikhet can also roam a short distance away. Nainital is the perfect place for a honeymoon couple.

To get to Nainital you can use cheap convention. Here you can reach by bus or train for less. The nearest railway station of Nainital is Kathgodam. The cost of a bus from Delhi to Uttarakhand is 500 to 1000 rupees. Also you will spend 1000 to 2000 rupees a day. So here you can enjoy your honeymoon for 20 to 25 thousand rupees.

4) Kashmir

If there is any heaven on the land of India, then it is Kashmir. Couples are the first choice of their honeymoon in Kashmir. The weather of Kashmir is always cold, and in winter, couples can spend a good time walking around in the snowfall here. He can sit in the famous Shikara in Kashmir and see the beauty of nature with his partner. Explain that making Gulmarg your honeymoon destination in winter is a good choice.

The nearest airport to reach Kashmir is Srinagar. A flight to Srinagar will cost you 4 thousand rupees per person. Also, the nearest railway station here is Uthampur, which is 230 km from Kashmir. It will cost you 15 to 20 thousand to stay in Kashmir for 5 days.

5) Jaisalmer

The desert shining like gold in April to June attracts tourists. And on a honeymoon, couples who like to roam around the old heritage and fort. Jaisalmer is also a good destination for him in a low budget. Here the mixed season of cold and rain from October to December, 0 degrees from January to March attracts tourists. In which there is a good view on the kilogram of Jaisalmer in the winter.

But let us tell you that from April to June, even in the temperature of 45 degrees, tourists roam in Jaisalmer and enjoy their holidays. If you have chosen Jaisalmer as your honeymoon destination. So you can take flights from almost all the big cities of the country to reach here. In which a person's expenditure can be around 4 thousand. The same Jaisalmer railway station trains from all cities, you can save your money even more. Let me tell you, 5 nights stay here can be between 15 to 20 thousand.

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6) Darjeeling

Darjeeling, also known as Queen of Hills, attracts a lot of honeymoon couples. The greenery of the tea gardens here attracts tourists. Here the old buildings tell the history of the city. Also, if the couple is very fond of walking, then there are many good spots for him to visit in Darjeeling, which includes beautiful mountains, toy trains, tea gardens, Sakya Math, Japanese Temple, Tiger Hill, Kanchenjunga Mountain. Can make your honeymoon memorable. The nearest airport to reach Darjeeling is Bagdogra, Which can cost 4 thousand per person. After which, after travelling 67 km of road, you can reach Darjeeling in 2 to 3 hours. And the nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri at 70 km from here. After which Darjeeling can be reached by road. You can easily stay in 1800 to 2000 rupees a day. A honeymoon in entering can cost you up to 20 thousand rupees.

7) Tawang

The small town of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is also one of the best honeymoon destinations in a low budget. The natural environment here captivates the couple. Also here you can spend beautiful moments with your partner in peace. Also, by seeing Tawang Math, you will be able to know about the culture and history of the place. To reach Tawang, you have to go by road because there is neither a railway station nor an airport in Tawang.

One can only use the road to reach there. The closest airport to Tawang is at Tezpur at 480 km. And the nearest railway station is at Rangapada at 383 km. So from these two places, you have to go by bus or cab. A 4-day trip in Tawang can cost you up to 15 thousand rupees.

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8) Munnar

Munnar situated in the state of Kerala is considered a paradise in Kerala. The environment here attracts tourists. Let me tell you that you can plan a good honeymoon here at a low cost. And the confluence of the three rivers Madhurpuzha, Nallathanni, Kundali is very beautiful. Also, you can make your honeymoon memorable by tea gardening, trekking, boating, rock climbing. To reach Munnar, you can take a flight to the nearest airport Kochi. Whose per person ticket cost will be up to 6 thousand. And the nearest railway station is Theni, from where Munnar can be reached by 60 km of road. The 5-day honeymoon here will cost up to 20 thousand rupees.

So in this way you can plan your honeymoon according to your budget from any of these 8 places. Now thinking of honeymoon, budget will not be worried. You can choose your honeymoon destination amidst the beauty of your own country.

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