95% freshers are virgin, survey of IIT-Bombay revealed

May 04 2016 12:51 PM
95% freshers are virgin, survey of IIT-Bombay revealed

Inspired by Harvard Crimson Fresher survey, IIT Bombay campus conducted a survey which revealed that for freshmen found 95% students had never had sex, but about 30% of them were in a relationship.

Freshers conducted a survey to appreciate the diversity of a freshman batch welcomed to the campus. The Powai campus for the first time looked at the beliefs and lifestyles of its incoming batch to find that most students were moderately liberal when it came to their political views and 75% of them were comfortable with the idea of homosexuality and/or homosexual marriages.

The survey looked at diverse topics such as students' background before joining IIT, their political and religious beliefs and post-grad plans. In all, 254 of the 875 freshmen who entered through JEE participated in the survey.

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