Beyhadh written update: Arjun saves the life of Maya and their unborn child
Beyhadh written update: Arjun saves the life of Maya and their unborn child

In the latest episode of Beyhadh, Arjun is seen talking to Maya and he tells her how much he hates himself for having loved her ever. Maya is in tears and gets angry. She throws the pic of Saanjh and Arjun. Saanjh is not ready to drink anything but Arjun tries to explain that they are in her hands until the time she is bearing their child. Arjun feeds Saanjh with his own hands and this irks Maya. Janvi watches this and gets worried. Maya gets angry and starts throwing things in anger. Saanjh rushes to see what happened when she finds Maya puking. She takes Maya out where she asks Arjun to take her to the doctor. He doesn't listen to her. Suman and Janvi say that they can take her to the doctor. Saanjh says she will take him but Maya refuses and goes on her own.

Maya starts harming herself and the two realise how rash Maya is driving. They follow her in another car. The police and Arjun start chasing Maya. He finds a way to stop Maya's car in the jungle. He takes her to the doctor and scolds him for being so irresponsible. When the police reach the spot they find Saanjh in the car and she tells them how her car's brakes had failed. At the hospital, the doctor tells them that their child is fine and she shows them the ultrasound.

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