Botanical scientists found a new species of plant, named after Abdul Kalam

Sep 11 2017 04:20 PM
Botanical scientists found a new species of plant, named after Abdul Kalam

Scientists of the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) located in West Bengal's capital Kolkata have discovered a new plant of the 'Euphoria' which is named after Dr. Abdul Kalam. He is the former President of the country, Dr. A.P.J. In the name of Abdul Kalam, the name of this plant is named 'Dryapitis Kalami'. 

For the first time, a plant species has been named after Kalam. This plant was discovered by BSI Scientific Dr. Gopal Krishna, K. The team of Karthikeyan, Wilson Erisdeson, and Tapas Chakraborty have discovered. This species has been discovered from Baksa National Park in West Bengal and Jaldapara National Park. The sample has been preserved in Central National Herbarium (CNH) Howrah, which is coming under BSI.

Dr. Gopal Krishna, a botanist who was involved in this important discovery, told that further research has to be done for the chemical ingredient and medicinal information of this plant. The research paper related to this plant was published in the journal 'Phytotexa' published from New Zealand on September 5, 2017.

A team of researchers in the journal has reported that while making a list of flora in Baksa National Park and Jaldapara National Park, there are some samples of 'dryapitius' from a wet place of sub-tropical moist semi-evergreen forests.

The study of critical test and samples of the samples showed that this species had not yet been discovered and there is no mention of it.

Krishna told that after this it was decided that the name of this plant will be named 'Dryapitis Kalami' while expressing respect for Kalam. They told us what the benefits of this plant are and how it is beneficial for the medicine, research is going on. 

It is worth noting that the American space agency 'NASA' gave the name of Kalam, a space scientist who discovered a bacterium from his scientists a few months ago. This bacteria, discovered in the international space station's filters, was named 'NASA' by the name 'Solibakilas Kalami' in honor of Kalam.

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