Do you know about The Affair Island?

What happens when in a relationship a partner comes to know that his/her partner is having an affair with someone else! 

This shocking news completely shatters the life of a partner. But we tell you that if you are in the same condition and if you come here then your all tension will be solved. 

So, visit the world of affair where you can freely have an affair with anyone. You might be surprised to know that these islands are created only for romantic people, who can enjoy the love affair with unknown people. 

Know all about The Affair Island - 

#People are brought here with closed Eyes: This island is completely confidential and it is not possible for common people to go there. Whenever someone is brought here, they are blindfolded so that people can not identify the path to reach that place. This place is completely private, there is no disturbance of any kind here.

#The helicopter is the only means of transport: Visitors require no visa or passport to visit this island. But there is no public conveyance or way to come here. You are taken from a helicopter with blindfold your eyes so that you do not recognize this path. 

#It's fun to live here: Let me tell you that this is not a public place, it has been completely kept secret. The guests are offered a private apartment, this apartment has all the luxury and modern amenities. All the four sides of this island are covered with four seas. 

There is no prohibition of any kind here. You can do whatever you want and with whom.

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