Few Question related to field of Biology
Few Question related to field of Biology

Biology is one of the three major branches of natural science. This science is related to the study of biology, life, and processes of life. In this science, we read about the structure, function, development, emergence, identity, distribution and classification of organisms. Modern biology is a very detailed science, which has many branches. We are also giving you information related to biology below which will help you out in exams related to Biology.

Following are some important question related to biology-

1. The father of the botanical sciences was Thir-Freas tas.

2. The father of biology was Aristotle.

3. The first scientific explorer to detect the structure of the human body was Andreas Vicellium.

4. Renal transplantation is carried out in the renal of a brother or a very close relative, as the genetic organization of both the kidneys is similar.

5. The human breathes 16 to 18 times in a minute.

6. The most important function of the diaphragm in the mammals is to help in the breathing method.

7. When a person breathes in, then oxygen inhibits hemoglobin in the blood.

8. Respiratory coefficient, RQQ, is the ratio of carbon dioxide produced and oxygen in the experiment.

9. The DNA structure of DNA was explained by Watson Aye Kark.

10. Due to the DNA Eurecil element in RNA, there is a difference


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