Ivvo launches three smart featured phones in India, starting from Rs 569

Jul 09 2018 03:02 PM
Ivvo launches three smart featured phones in India, starting from Rs 569

Communications brand Ivvo, which is strengthening its hold in India, has introduced its 'Echo Series'. All phones in this series have been priced under Rs 669 and the initial price is 569 rupees. Ivvo is the subsidiary of Britzo. The company has kept the tagline of the new series 'smart, economical too'.

Under the Echo Series Ivivva 1801, Vivo Ivy 1805S, and Iwo Echo Beatz are introduced in the phone market. All feature phones will have 201 days of replacement guarantee and 455 days warranty. 

Apart from this, all three devices include 1000 mAh battery, MP3 and MP4 player, LED flashlight, Bluetooth support, dual sim support, one-touch music access, 1.8-inch screen, GPRS web browser, wireless FM, megapixel camera and up to 32GB Expandable storage is provided. The phone includes self-camera and vibration mode. 

During the launch of the three phones, Brito CEO and co-founder Pradipto Ganguly as stated in GN said, "The Eco Series is the perfect confluence of features, cost-effectiveness, and entertainment that is soon going to redefine the mobile phone experience of the ‘Real India’, which is essentially our target audience. Since our market foray, we have been experiencing an extraordinary demand for our product offerings. We are confident that the Eco Series will further emerge as a crucial milestone for us, as we make deeper inroads into the country’s rural hinterlands."

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