Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi written update: Sona To Bring Work-Home Balance
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi written update: Sona To Bring Work-Home Balance

In the office, Sona discusses the confusions in a project with Dev. He thinks for a while and makes some amendments. Sona wonders how can he be so perfect in every task, she loves this handsome, talented young man. Shubh cries in his sleep. Dev wonders if he is being so jealous. Both Dev and Sona compliment each other for completing each other’s life. Sona says she misses going to a date. Dev gets a call from the doctor, Sona was concerned but Dev says its Shubh’s vaccination. Even his medical card is at home. Sona suggests about taking Shubh for vaccination and Dev must give the presentation.

Suha takes Golu’s tab and says he won’t play this game anymore, else she will tell Papa that about it. Golu promises to delete the game. Ronita was putting Mishti o sleep. Aasha comes in and reminds her to take an iron tablet. Ronita asks Aasha to speak to her mother. Aasha says Ronita must handle her mother to save husband, it won’t be appropriate if she speaks to her.

Ishwari brings out Shubh’s file. Sona asks her to come along, she insists on her to come as they haven’t spent time with each other for long. On the way, Ishwari smiles as Shubh plays with Sona. Ishwari says she got some life watching Shubh happy with her. Sona says she also miss this, but her employees are also like her family. Their house runs because of her. Ishwari understands she can’t leave those who were always her support. Sona says she wishes to balance her work-home life. Ishwari promises her support to Sona.

In the hospital, Ishwari was relieved that vaccination went well. It was Dev’s call on Sona’s phone that Ishwari takes. Dev sings from the other side, cheerful about the meeting. He blushes knowing it was Ishwari on the line. Ishwari asks what happened in the meeting. Dev says it was something in the office and asks to put the phone on speaker. Sona asks about the meeting. Dev says they also got the next project. Ishwari says when Dev was in office and Sona with Shubh, all went so well. She regrets at their silence and asks him to hurry home.

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