Myths about Menstruation

Menstruation is not an ailment, it is not a weakness, it is the process which holds the womb of the existence of the entire mankind.

Even in the society of educated individuals, there are a lot of myths prevailing about menstruation.

Have a look:

1. You cannot conceive during Menses:

Everything depends upon ovulation that has to be followed by fertilisation of the sperm and the egg. Ovulation isn't something you can predict about. 

2. Avoid exercise:

It is as natural as anything else. You are not weak, you are just in a process. Exercising would help to provide oxygen to your muscles.

3. The duration should be atleast a week:

Each of our menses are different. They may vary according to our body. Hence, the duration of Mensus may range from 3 days to a week. It is completely fine.

4. Do not use a tampon if you're a virgin:

The only way to lose virginity is to have sex. Some people also assume that tampons prove painful for virgins. Well, that is completyely a myth. your comfort can differ from other's preferences.

5. The PMS:

Pre menstrual syndrome varies from women to women. It may cause an emotional low in some, while a physical pain to others.

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