Net Neutrality: When, Where and How Debate started on Internet Freedom
Net Neutrality: When, Where and How Debate started on Internet Freedom
On Wednesday, the Department of Telecommunications took action on the use of the Internet. After this sanction, the same fee will be charged for any service on the internet. This government decision has given great relief to Indian mobile and internet users. Now there must be some questions in your mind about Net Neutrality. For example, when and where the debate started, on Net Nutrition, etc.
First of all, let's us you that the term Net Neutrality was first used by Columbia University's media law professor Tim Wooen in 2003. During that time, he used Net Neutrality for the telephone. 
Facebook also tried to launch Net Neutrality in the name of Free Basics ( in India, but after protests and government intervention, Facebook had to stop the service. At the same time, Facebook had also been accused of violating the laws of Net Neutrality with 
At the same time, Facebook had argued that through free basics, it is trying to reach the Internet in the rural areas to provide internet free of charge. Facebook had also tied up with Reliance Communications for Free Basics, which allows the users to run Facebook for free. 
Net Neutrality in India was debated in December last year when Airtel had talked of charging money from 3G users for internet calling. In January this year, TRAI asked 20 questions from people who were associated with social media apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. 
In 2010, Chile first made the law on Net Neutrality. After that, the Netherlands made the law, and in 2012, South Korea also made its own law. Apart from this, in the US, legislation was made on Net Neutrality in 2015. To understand Net Neutrality, for
example, that you have eaten at a hotel, and the hotel demands separate money for the sitting chair from you.
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