World AIDS Day 2018 - WHO urges all to 'Know Your Status'

Dec 01 2018 09:03 AM
World AIDS Day 2018 -  WHO urges all to 'Know Your Status'

World Health Organisation joins worldwide partners to observe the day under the theme ''Know Your Status" urging citizens to identify their HIV infection status through testing, and to get HIV infection prevention, treatment and care services.

Reports suggested that more than a million people may increase AIDS in the next five years and at least five million others are already infected. WHO also reports that the number of new cases this year are estimated at 15,000 will equal the world total of the last 10 years.

The launch of a campaign to alert people about the disease was announced last year by Dr Jonathan Mann, head of the WHO special AIDS programme. A campaign focused to educate South Africa's majority black population who is already well under way and the distribution of condoms and pamphlets is part of a successful new system.

Several African countries, many of them with a high proportion of AIDS sufferers are committed to an open fight against the deadaly disease is an example which many governments around the world have yet to pursue.

Worth mention here in Kenya, the demand for condoms has jumped from 10,000 to 300,00 a month since last year. The nation powerfully promotes their use in its AIDS publicity campaign on radio, television, newspaper and posters. Kenya has received financial aid from foreign governments and global agencies nearly three billion dollars are concentrated on educaing the people how to keep away from the disease.


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