A 5G Boost: India Surpasses Japan and UK in Global Mobile Speed Ranking
A 5G Boost: India Surpasses Japan and UK in Global Mobile Speed Ranking

India has remarkably outpaced developed nations such as the UK and Japan in mobile speed, as reported by Ookla, the renowned global broadband speed testing and analysis platform. The Indian subcontinent has witnessed a staggering 3.59-fold surge in its mobile speed performance, all thanks to the introduction of 5G services. The advent of 5G technology has supercharged mobile download speeds, catapulting India's global ranking a remarkable 72 notches higher to secure the 47th spot on the prestigious Speedtest Global Index. This achievement firmly positions India ahead of countries like Japan, the UK, and Brazil in the mobile speed arena.

Notably, India's mobile speed supremacy also extends to its neighboring nations, with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan trailing behind. Moreover, India has surpassed several G20 countries in mobile speed, including Mexico (ranked 90th), Turkey (68th), the UK (62nd), Japan (58th), Brazil (50th), and South Africa (48th).

Here are the top 10 countries boasting the fastest mobile speeds according to Ookla's data:

United Arab Emirates (UAE) - 210.89 Mbps
Qatar - 192.71 Mbps
Kuwait - 153.86 Mbps
Norway - 134.45 Mbps
Denmark - 124 Mbps
China - 122.89 Mbps
South Korea - 120.08 Mbps
Macau (Special Administrative Region) - 112.33 Mbps
Iceland - 110.02 Mbps
Netherlands - 107.42 Mbps
India's impressive performance secures the 47th position with a mobile speed of 50.21 Mbps, a remarkable ascent driven by the introduction of 5G technology.

Ookla reports a remarkable 3.59-fold increase in mobile speed performance since the rollout of 5G, with median download speeds soaring from 13.87 Mbps in September 2022 to an impressive 50.21 Mbps in August 2023. Commenting on this significant improvement, Ookla noted, "This improvement has led to India's rise in the Speedtest Global Index, moving up 72 places, from 119th place to the 47th position."

The deployment of 5G technology has had a profound impact on the overall user experience across all telecom circles, with significant investments in backhaul infrastructure by leading operators. Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have been at the forefront of implementing 5G technology since October 2022, following their acquisition of 5G spectrum licenses.

It is worth noting that median download speeds varied across regions due to ongoing network development. In Gujarat, speeds reached an impressive 512.57 Mbps, while Uttar Pradesh West recorded speeds of 19.23 Mbps as networks were in the early testing phase. However, by August 2023, median 5G download speeds exceeded 240 Mbps across all telecom regions, with Kolkata leading the way with a staggering median download speed of 385.50 Mbps, as stated in an Ookla Insights article. India's triumphant leap in mobile speed is a testament to the transformative power of 5G technology in the digital age.

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