A Husband filed a divorce because her wife wears Jeans after Marriage, says I don’t…

Apr 26 2019 12:35 PM
A Husband filed a divorce because her wife wears Jeans after Marriage, says I don’t…

In Hinduism, there are so many rule that a married woman has to follow. Like after marriage, Sindoor, bangles in the hands, ring in the feet and Mangalasutra in the neck are all symbols of a woman getting married. Let us tell that in present-day times, not everyone considers these traditions. Where some women follow these rules, some women do not like to do all this. the new-age girls are not doing all these customs. But what if a marriage breaks down because of not believing these rituals? You might have been feeling a little awkward listening that, but that's actually happened. A man just divorced his wife on this matter because she did not wear Sindoor and did not wear saree. 

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This shocking matter happens in Rajasthan. A man in the court filed a petition for divorce from his wife and wrote the reason for it because his wife does not stay in the daughter-in-law customs after marriage, so he wants to divorce from his wife. While  his wife filed a case of maintenance on her husband in a court of Bhopal after that this whole case came out into light.

It is found that  the person who has filed a divorce petition with his wife is a businessman by profession. He act on this whole issue, because  at his culture, the girls wear saris in traditional manner and stay in get up  of married woman after marriage. But his wife neither fills the Sindoor nor wears saree. Rather, she wear jeans top after marriage and wants to stay with him as girlfriend, not her wife,  that he does not like her at all.

In this case, when the wife was interrogated, she said that she used to work in Mumbai before marriage. But marriage was done on this condition because her husband had said that she would join her in her company after marriage. But after marriage, he got overturned. Tell that both of them have decided not to stay together and now they are divorced from mutual agreement.

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