'Deputy jailer is responsible...' another prisoner in Ambala jail commits suicide
'Deputy jailer is responsible...' another prisoner in Ambala jail commits suicide

Chandigarh: The Central Jail in Ambala is once again in dispute. The case of a prisoner committing suicide in jail has been very much caught, where a prisoner has written the name of deputy jailer Rakesh Lohcher in a suicide note written on his hand. The prisoner wrote on his hand that the deputy jailer responsible for my death was Rakesh Lohcher. He was transferred to Panchkula jail two days ago amid serious charges against the deputy jailer.

The Ambala Central Jail has come under the purview of the questions as the case of Khudkushi is not happening for the first time. Earlier in June 2020, 2 prisoners had committed suicide. For the past one week, the prison administration has been accused of assaulting the detainees and now a prisoner has convicted the deputy jailer.  Ajay, son of the deceased prisoner, informed that his father had been sentenced to 20 years, but on Wednesday the phone came that his father had died. On his side, 'Rakesh Lohcher is responsible for death', was written.

In this case, DSP Sultan Singh informed that a case of happiness of a prisoner, named Vijay, was sentenced to life imprisonment in the case of section 302. Police are investigating the case. Whatever truth comes out, action will be taken.

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