A small mistake became the reason for a big accident, the bus entered the dumper

Kannauj: Son, for many days, the chain of accidents is increasing even more rapidly, every day some major incident is being victimized, while recently an incident has come to the fore which has surprised everyone. While going from Delhi to Lucknow on Agra-Lucknow Expressway, as soon as the bus had come in front of Salempur village of Saurich police station area, the driver was falling asleep and the bus rammed into the dumper going ahead.

The collision was so strong that the driver got badly stuck in the middle and 40 passengers of the bus were injured. It has been reported that UPDA personnel and police, who reached the information, took out the driver with a lot of effort and sent it to Mini PGI Saifai.

At the same time, minorly injured passengers have been admitted to the Medical College, Tirwa. Where it has come to know that the passengers sitting in the bus were sleeping at the time of the incident. Suddenly there was a scream in the bus as soon as the accident happened. According to the information received so far, arrangements have also been made to send the passengers on the bus to another vehicle. The condition of several passengers, including the driver, remains critical.

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