Bomb tied to chest, wanted to blast hospital! Driver's intelligence saved everyone's life
Bomb tied to chest, wanted to blast hospital! Driver's intelligence saved everyone's life

London: Police have arrested 4 suspects in a car bomb blast outside a hospital in Britain's Liverpool city. Only one was killed in the terror attack and that too of suicide bomber Imad al-Swailmin himself. Another person (taxi driver) was injured. Police have declared the blast a terror attack. The suspects have been arrested under the Terrorism Act itself.

The bomb blast outside the hospital, it was found that the car in which the explosion took place was a taxi which was brought out of the hospital some time ago. However, later investigations revealed that the Fidayeen attacker was locked in the car by the taxi driver (David Perry) after learning the reality, otherwise his plan was to blast near a church. David Perry, a taxi driver, courageously locked the fidayeen attacker in the car after seeing the explosives. According to media reports, David was asked by the terrorist to take him to Liverpool's Poppy Day parade. But when the driver saw the explosive near the terrorist, he locked him there in the car. David Perry was also injured in the attack, but after a few stitches, he is now at home.

According to reports, the terrorist had asked Perry to go to a large church in Liverpool before, but later changed the mood and asked him to stop the vehicle near the Women's Hospital in Liverpool. Then, when the Fidayeen attacker got out of the car, David saw explosives tied to his clothes, and he immediately understood who the man was. He locked the terrorist in the car. After which there was a blast inside the car. The Fidayeen attacker was reportedly on the lookout for an attack at a ceremony where more than 2,000 military personnel, veterans, civilian dignitaries were scheduled to gather. The ceremony was held in the church. But the taxi driver's intelligence prevented a major incident. The suspects who have now been nabbed by the police are boys between the ages of 21 and 29. Police are interrogating them.


Terrorist Imad al-Swailmin was known to his friends and acquaintances in England as Enzo Almeni. According to security agencies, he renounced Islam and converted to Christianity in 2017. But it was a trick for him. This is because his application to become a refugee was cancelled in 2014. By changing his name and religion, he finally took refuge in England in 2017. But what his intention was, perhaps, is clear from dying as a suicide bomber. He was also married to Marion Hichcott, a Christian girl in England. 'Shocked by the explosion, we are all very sad, we loved him,' Marion told the press after the attack.

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