Video of this couple is defining true love, Watch here

Aug 01 2020 03:00 PM
Video of this couple is defining true love, Watch here

You all must have heard love is blind. Apart from this, people even give their lives in love. Whoever gets true love, his fate changes. True love brings many changes in life and after falling in true love, people are ready to do anything. In such a situation, a video of this love is going viral which is of a couple. This latest video is of such a couple who are girlfriends and boyfriends in a relationship, but their desire is learning a new way to love many people.


This is why lakhs of people got emotional after seeing their love. The video of this couple has been cast on Twitter. Everyone is getting emotional by watching this video. In this video, the couple has told that make love, not weakness! This video was shared by Twitter user Rex Chapman on July 30 and till now this video has got millions of views. Everyone is giving a lot of love to this video.

In the caption of this video, he wrote, 'His girlfriend is suffering from Alopecia, due to which she has a lot of hair loss.' It is clearly visible in this video, the man first bald his girlfriend and then he cut his hair. After watching this scene his girlfriend starts crying. Now everyone who is watching this video is getting emotional and saying this is true love.

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