Misbehave with female passenger in moving flight, case filed on this airlines
Misbehave with female passenger in moving flight, case filed on this airlines

Washington: Questions are being raised about the attitude of American Airlines in the process of hiding the insolence with fellow passengers on American Airlines flight. Wendy Williams, a resident of Pittsburgh in the US state of Pennsylvania, says she was abused by a fellow Musfit on an American Airlines flight.

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When American Airlines did not take any action against the passenger who misbehaved with Wendy Williams. She shared a video of the flight incident on social media stating, "I was complaining to the flight attendant when the flight was abusive to me. So they started pressuring me to delete the video." It is noteworthy that American Airlines has described Wendy Williams as a harassing passenger and flight staff also gave Wendy a notice to harass passengers during the journey.

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After which Wendy is going to sue American Airlines for defamation. She is also taking advice from a lawyer. Accusing American Airlines, Wendy said, "The person sitting on the seat behind me was constantly punching me from behind after drinking alcohol. Then I took her video down. When I complained to the flight attendant, he put all the blame on me. His behavior was such that the flight staff wanted to throw me down from the current flight. Apart from American Airlines, I will also file a case against a man who abused me."

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