Former US judge says to resign from Attorney General William Barr
Former US judge says to resign from Attorney General William Barr

Washington: More than a thousand former employees of the US Department of Justice have demanded the resignation of Attorney General William Barr. Regarding this, he says that Barr did not do his job properly against the case against Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to President Donald Trump.

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According to the information received, it has been learned that former officials working under the rule of both Republican and Democratic parties have criticized the bar for overturning the arguments of their own prosecutors. There are allegations that his administration is weakening the justice system of the country.

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Roger Stone is accused of influencing the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, tampering with evidence and lying in front of Parliament. Prosecutors of the Department of Justice recommended Stone, to be sentenced to 7-9 years in prison. As the highest judicial officer of the country, Barr overturned the recommendation of his prosecutors. Stone is close to Trump. Russia was accused of benefiting Trump.

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