A woman wearing a burqa blew herself up with a bomb, 4 died.. The mother of two children was 'Shari Baloch'

Islamabad: All the information related to the fidayeen attacker targeting Chinese citizens in Karachi, Pakistan is coming out in the media. It is being told that this first female attacker of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) had joined the organization only 2 years ago. After that she started preparing herself for this mission. The attacker has been identified as Shari Baloch. It is also learned that after this incident, her husband has expressed pride in his wife's work. Let us tell you that yesterday i.e. on Tuesday, a female fidayeen wearing a burqa blew herself up near Karachi University, in which 4 including 3 Chinese citizens were killed and many were injured.

India Today journalist Gaurav C Sawant tweeted that, 'Karachi's fidayeen attacker Shari Baloch was very educated and was the mother of two children. He studied M.Phill after Msc in Zoology. Being from the Baloch Liberation Army, she was fighting against the atrocities being perpetrated by the Pakistani army and was part of the Majeed Brigade of the Baloch Liberation Army – which is formed to target the Chinese in Pakistan. In his next tweet, Gaurav has told about Shari Baloch that the 30-year-old teacher, who joined the Liberation Army two years ago, was also asked to back down due to her having two children. But Shari did not listen to anyone. Allegedly, the BLA has prepared its special squad so that Chinese citizens can be targeted. Their aim is to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.


After this attack, Shari's husband has issued a message expressing pride in his wife's act. Habitan Bashir Baloch wrote on Twitter that, 'Shari Jaan, your selfless work has silenced me, but I am trembling with pride today. Mahroch and Mir Hasan would be very proud considering what a great woman their mother was. You will continue to be an important part of our lives. Let us tell you that in the car that was targeted in the fidayeen attack on April 26 by Baloch rebel Shari outside Karachi University of Pakistan, 3 female professors of China, a Pakistani driver and a guard were present. After the incident, the BLA issued a statement and claimed responsibility for the attack. The statement read that Shari was his organization's first female suicide bomber. This attack marks a new chapter in the history of Baloch resistance.

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