A YouTuber/Facebook Video Creator from Bengal. Our Collection Got Success in a Very Short Time

Our Collection is a Video Creating Channel on YouTube. We collected street Food videos, amazing social Work videos, And we did some social work for everyone's happiness.

YouTube has become quite a big platform in India and along with them some YouTubers have also become big. So who are these big YouTubers? Like Carry Minati, Technical Guruji, BB Ki Vines. Among them is the name of a YouTuber from West Bengal who become popular in a in a very short time his video has spread around the World.

The name of the channel/Page is Our Collection, the owner of the channel is Aiman Rahaman, and other team members are Jahangir Sk and Md. Ismail Sk.

Aiman Rahaman after facing many problems, he focused on his target and finally get success.

They live in Murshidabad district in the state of West Bengal, India. Basically street food related videos and uploads eight to ten videos weekly. The total Facebook Followers of the page is 3.6 Million (YouTube subscribers is 833k) and Facebook monthly views is 140 to 150 Million. It has become a favorites channel for food lovers.

At the time of the pandemic corona virus during lockdown, he was seen standing next to helpless people. He has donated to helpless people with masks, food and money.

He said that his videos will not be limited to India and Bangladesh. As well as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and around the World, He will also share street food videos for his followers.

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