Today's Panchang: Know the auspicious timing and Rahukaal
Today's Panchang: Know the auspicious timing and Rahukaal

Nowadays people start their day after seeing auspicious inauspicious times and in such a situation, today we have brought for you the almanac of 12 September. It is said that reading Panchang every morning in the morning is considered auspicious. Along with this, knowledge of auspicious and inauspicious Muhurta is also obtained from the almanac. It is said that the work done in the auspicious time is also good and no work should be started in Rahukaal. With this, the day passes well by worshiping the Swamigraha of the zodiac and constellation in which the Moon is and Abhijeet Muhurta is also very good. With this, one must go to the temple every day and circumambulate the Lord.

Today's Almanac -
Month - Bhadrapada
Sun sign- Leo, Swamigraha-sun
Lunar sign - Aquarius, lord-Saturn
Shubh Muhurta - Abhijeet - Abhijeet Muhurta - 11: 53am to 12:43 pm
Inauspicious Muhurta - Rahukaal - noon 01: 30 to 3 pm

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Know about today's auspicious time and Almanack

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