Know about today's Rahukaal and auspicious time

Oct 21 2019 10:48 AM
Know about today's Rahukaal and auspicious time

Nowadays, seeing the almanack, one gets knowledge of auspicious time and in such a situation, today we have brought the almanack of today i.e. October 21.

Today's Panchang - Ashtami of Krishna paksha of Kartik month is observed as Ahoi Ashtami fast. This time, women will observe this fast today i.e. on October 21, and according to religious beliefs, women keep this fast for the good wishes of their children. Ahoi Ashtami Kalashtami. Dampatashtami Shrishatalashtami Radha Ashtami

The decay of Ashtami Tithi. Surya Dakshinayan. Sun round south. Winter season. Rahukalam from 7.30 Am to 9 am. 21 October, Monday. 29 Ashwin (Solar) Shaka 1941, 6 Karthik Mass Entry 2076, 21 Safar Hijri 1441, Kartik Krishna Saptami till 6.45 am, before Ashtami sunrise till 5.26 pm, later Navami, Punavasu nakshatra after 5.32 pm, Pushya nakshatra, Siddhi Yoga till 10.26 pm After Sadhya Yoga, Bava Karan, Moon till 11.40 am in Gemini sign after Gemini.

Do not do any auspicious work in Rahukaal, know today's auspicious time

Know about today's Rahukaal and auspicious time

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