Don't forget this time today, do some good work or else...
Don't forget this time today, do some good work or else...
Nowadays people see the Panchang at the beginning of their day and learn the auspicious and unlucky times. So today we have brought you the 28th of August. Today is the Wednesday as The Pushya Nakshatra is going to be the auspicious yoga of Matang. At the same time, the sun and moon position are also becoming the yoga of varying names and the date of Triodashi will be there today.
It is considered to be a cheerful and omniscient date and its god is Kamadev. It is also known as Jaya Date. Doing any auspicious and important work on this date brings success. At the same time, some important works can be done by observing Vijay and Twilight Muhurat and Chaughariya Muhurat.
Vijay Muhurat - Start of New Business and to Prepare Court-Court Cases and Competition
Noon - 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm
Twilight Muhurat - for any Manglik affair or pooja text, etc.
Evening - 07:02 pm to 07:30 pm
Today in these Muhurats you can also do auspicious work.
When to when
Laabh 06:01 07:36
Amrit 07:36 09:11
Shubh 10:47 12:22
Char 15:33 17:08
Laabh 17:08 18:44
Shubh 20:08 21:33
These are the ominous times of today - don't do any good work in them.
When to when
Kal 09:11 10:47
Rog 12:22 13:58
Udveg 13:58 15:33
Udveg 18:44 20:08
Rog 24:22 25:47

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