Abhay Deol shares the picture of Dharmendra, writes 'He was an outsider but earned a big name'.

Jul 11 2020 03:47 PM
Abhay Deol shares the picture of Dharmendra, writes 'He was an outsider but earned a big name'.

Nepotism is being debated in the industry since the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. There are many stars at this time who are making revelations about this. At the same time, actor Abhay Deol has also been included in this list. Recently he said about nepotism that 'it is everywhere'. In fact, recently, he also shared a photo of his uncle and veteran actor Dharmendra and told that despite being an outsider, he earned a big name.


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Yes, recently, Abhay Deol shared a photo of himself with Dharmendra, writing, "My uncle, whom I fondly call Dad, was an outsider and he earned a big name in the film industry. I am delighted that There is an active debate on what is going on behind the scenes. Nepotism is just a small part of it. I did just one film with my family .. My first movie .. I am grateful that I got this good fortune . I paved the way for my career and came far ahead. Dad always encouraged. He was an inspiration to me. " Along with this, he further wrote, "Nepotism is prevalent everywhere in our culture, whether it is in politics, business or film. I knew it well and it has given me opportunities with new directors and producers throughout my career Inspired to make. That way I was able to make films that were considered "out of the box". I am glad that some of those artists and films were a tremendous success. "

Let us tell you that even before this, Abhay talked about nepotism. Currently in his post, he further wrote, "While this nepotism plays a role in every country, nepotism has taken another dimension here in India. I suspect that caste is more clearly here than in other parts of the world." Plays a role. After all, it is the "caste" that decides that a son takes his father's work forward, while the daughter is expected to marry and become a housewife. " Apart from this, he has written a lot which you can read. Talking about Abhay, he has appeared in many great films and people love him a lot.

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