Baghdadi became a football coach due to financial constraints, died in such a way
Baghdadi became a football coach due to financial constraints, died in such a way

In the past, Baghdadi, the ISIS chief in the Islamic State, was killed. US President Donald Trump announced on Monday that Baghdadi was killed. US President Donald Trump said that due to an operation by the US Special Forces, Baghdadi blew himself up wearing a jacket with a bomb. Baghdadi was very interested in football, Baghdadi was born in Al Jallam in Samra district, central Iraq.

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After completing his studies from Samara High School in 1991, Baghdadi's interest in football grew and he started playing football. Baghdadi was a striker in a football game and his most favorite part of the game would have been when he scored a goal during the game. He was also associated with a local football club for some time and he played a lot of games while staying.

According to a report in the New York Times, he would have been very disappointed after not hitting the football within the goal post with his kick, which is natural for a player, but Baghdadi's disappointment turned into despair and he was ready to do anything to win.

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi went to Baghdad for university studies, where he used to coach a football team to finance his studies. The US arrested Baghdadi in February 2004 from Faluja, Iraq, from where Baghdadi is located in Bakka. He was kept in a detention camp for 10 months. People there called him 'Maradona' after seeing Baghdadi's ability to play football.

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