Apr 15 2021 05:52 PM

Indicow entered the market with an aim to provide dairy products to consumers; food products which are pure, healthy, animal friendly and chemical free. Indicow started with Vedic Ghee (A2 cows Ghee made through bilona process), Milk, and Dahi and have added more healthy products in their range. It is extremely difficult to find vedic dairy products in the market today and the ones which are available fall well short of the promise and are focused on extracting maximum profit whilst compromising heavily on quality. Indicow on the other hand is striving to deliver the true vedic value proposition through its products and its evolving business model. 

Indicow was founded by Saurabh Agarwal and Archit Garg with the vision to provide healthy products to consumers. Via their vedic, organic and healthy products they aim to push consumers to invest in their well being. The thoughtful concept has received lot of appreciation thus far and is a testament to the fact that a growing set of consumers are looking for such products in the market. 

The response that the company has been getting is tremendous and deeply humbling. “In no time, we have been able to impress upon the consumer, our authentic products and services, and are seeing a strong buyer community getting built up which realizes the importance of such products in their lives.” Says founder & CEO Saurabh Agarwal. This has led to the emergence of a new brand, "Achyutam Foods", that is completely focused on providing premium food products with the same underlying aim of providing vedic, organic and  healthy food products. It has introduced products like vedic bilona ghee produced from Indian native cows, natural honey variants and cold-pressed oils. All of these products are 100% natural and chemical free as promised.

Achyutam Foods has taken upon itself to help the customers by serving them with fresh, natural, and animal friendly products as promised. 

“Modern lifestyle is really harming people's health, Achyutam Foods wants people to stay away from various lifestyle diseases and is thus  focused at indexing on offering  products which are natural, pure and chemical free”. Achyutam Foods sources its raw material directly from farmers, making it possible to create quality products without chemicals and preservatives. 

Achyutam Foods products are now selling both offline and online through e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart and also via its own website ( Achyutam foods is determined and has plans to grow its current selection by 10X by the end of 2021 by diversifying into different food categories. Achyutam Foods want to tap into every healthy food category in coming times. 

With an aim to take its value proposition to the world, Achyutam Foods has started exporting to markets abroad such the United States and the United Kingdom where it has been receiving a tremendous response. 

It’s the mission of the founders to associate the Achyutam brand with healthy living so that the only thing which comes to mind when people think vedic and natural, is Achyutam. 

Apart from providing healthy food, the founders are striving to solve for a mindset change amongst the farmers who often compromise on quality to cut costs by providing them access to the growing market of high quality healthy foods. With farm to fork in their minds, Achyutam is creating a  market to ensure a win-win situation for the famers and its consumers by eliminating the persisting inefficiencies in the food supply chain caused due to the inflated number of transactions.They will enable direct buying y from farmers and selling it directly to the consumers. This will lead to  farmers making higher revenue leading to premium quality and high-end products. 

Achyutam Foods is in it for the long haul and is committed to leaving a positive impact on people's lifestyle and health. They are also focused at up-scaling their operations as an immediate next step, “ we are presently looking to tie up with more online channels and increase our presence in offline market to become a household brand for everyone who aspire to eat natural, vedic and chemical free products.”

ABOUT the Founders:

Saurabh Agarwal is a second generation entrepreneur. He is an alumnus of SIBM Pune (MBA) and Manipal University (BE). His passion for making the world healthier is driving his focus towards eliminating new age lifestyle issues as the CEO of Indicow / Achyutam. 

Archit Garg is a graduate in International Managerment from the University of Exeter (UK) and is managing finances for the organization.

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