Lifestyle: Elderly deserve serious attention in the Covid times

P C  THOMAS - COVID-19 has impacted quite a lot of lives and is steadily increasing its reach in India even in the midst of locking and unlocking. At this juncture, it is the elderly section of people who has become the most vulnerable to the attack. Beyond the threat to life, the endemic is putting the elderly who are above 65  at a higher risk level as compared to other group, due to their decreased immunity coupled with their multiple ailments.

Health experts and governments state that if the Covid-19 attacked the old-age people, the treatment will be complicated for them.  Therefore, they are recommended to stay indoors. They will have to stay home until the covid-19 departed from the world. However, the government of India in its newly economic package, has not mentioned any plan to safeguard the elderly people who are locked at home.

Due to the lockdown situation, in fact, most of the financially distressed elders feel loneliness as they have lost their independence, self-esteem and even dignity to some extent, as they have to depend upon others for their needs. Many have said they were suffering from depression, lack of sleep and appetite, and other associated ailments. As the COVID-19 cases continue to soar in India, and looking the plight of the old-age people, the physical and psycho-social health of them needs urgent attention by the Government.

Since the Pinarayi Vijayan-led LDF government came to power in Kerala, there have been many developments taken place for the sake of the old age people where one thing catches more attraction i.e - every senior citizen having less than Rs 1 lakh yearly income gets a pension of Rs.1300. Kerala  Finance Minister Thomas Isaac had announced that the same amount will be increased to Rs.1500 in 2021.

 Currently, those who are above 75 years are getting Rs.1600 per month. If the India government tries to follow this method nationally, it will obviously be a blessing for the national old-aged ones in their life.

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