Actor Karthi signs petition urging the government not to allow GM foods in Indian kitchens

Top Karthi, a Tamil actor who is active in helping farmers, has joined an internet petition to keep genetically modified foods out of Indian households.

"Dear friends, an important online petition that should worry all of us," the actor, who is well-informed on farm procedures and goods, remarked on his Twitter page, posting the link to the online petition. It's about the Indian Food Safety and Standards Authority changing the laws on GM and GE Foods, which might lead to a flood of GM foods entering our life. I'm going to sign up. If you agree to this, needs to sign."

Despite research revealing negative health and food safety effects, the Indian government is preparing to legalise Genetically Modified (GM) foods, according to the link to the online petition.

The petitioners, identified as Sustainable Agriculture and Safe Food enthusiasts – Ananthoo, Rajesh Krishnan, and Usha Soolapani – claimed that GM foods were found to cause health problems such as allergies, immune system impairment, stunted growth and development, organ damage, reproductive health impacts, and even pre-cancerous growths in various studies.

The petitioners questioned why the government was moving to allow (import of) GM foods by framing weak new regulations by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, despite the fact that the majority of countries around the world had not accepted GM crop cultivation and that GM food crops were not allowed to be grown in India because they were not deemed to be safe for the environment and health (FSSAI).

The petition, sent to the Chief Executive Officer of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), made a list of demands while emphasising that Indian residents do not want genetically modified goods, whether labelled or unmarked.

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