Actress Dipika reacted to the news of quitting acting, said- 'Shoaib will go to office and I will...'
Actress Dipika reacted to the news of quitting acting, said- 'Shoaib will go to office and I will...'

Tv's famous actresses Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are in the news these days. Dipika is pregnant and fans are praying for her good health as well as baby. However, Dipika's fans were shocked and upset when it was heard that Dipika has now distanced herself from acting. However, it is now clear that this is fake news and it is not so. What is Dipika's say on this whole matter, let us tell you.

In fact, on May 29, it was heard that Dipika has taken a big decision for her child and announced to quit acting for her good upbringing. However, all this turned out to be a lie and Dipika gave her side about it. "I just got to know that I am quitting my acting career. People misinterpreted the comments of my old interview, in which I was talking about quitting acting."

Dipika further said, 'I would like to make it clear that there is nothing like this. I had to be a housewife from Hesma, Shoaib would go to the office and I would make breakfast for him and take care of the family. But that doesn't mean I never want to work. I may not work for the next 4-5 years and it may also be that if there is some good offer, I will accept it immediately. However, so far I have thought of giving the first 4-5 years to my child. I am saying this because I am an old school person and I feel that when a child is born, he needs a mother the most in the early years. I've seen children grow up around me like this. When we read in the morning, our mother would also get up and sit down. I want to live these moments with my child. Such a life has been a dream for me."

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