Children at risk from online gaming, Centre issues advisory
Children at risk from online gaming, Centre issues advisory

New Delhi: Recently, the Central Government has issued an advisory to parents and teachers to protect children from the dangers of online gaming. This advisory advises not to provide personal information at the time of game download and not to communicate with any strangers via webcam, private messaging, or online chat. Along with this, children have also been advised not to use avatars to hide identity on online platforms. On Friday evening, the Ministry of Education has issued an advisory to all the states, State Education Board, CBSE Board under the name of Safe Online Gaming. It is being told that the cyber experts of the ministry have admitted that school students have been studying in online classrooms since mid-March last year due to the pandemic. Due to this, there has been an increase in the use of mobile and the internet by children.

We all know that online games are very popular with children in the new age of technology. Nowadays online sports have become an addiction that is not easy to get rid of. Children can play this game easily anywhere on computers, mobiles, or tablets at any time. There are many disadvantages of online gaming. Tell you all that gaming companies emotionally force the child to buy the app. At times, parents are not aware and their child gets caught up in cyberbullying. Due to this, advice has been given to protect children from the dangers of online gaming through this advisory.

What is the important point of consultation-
* Parents should explain to their children never to provide personal information on the Internet while downloading games. At the same time, do not communicate with adults and strangers in any way through webcams, private messages, or online chats, as doing so increases the risk of contacting online abusers.

* Stop immediately and take a screenshot if something goes wrong during online games. Report it to the cyber cell of the police.

* It is your job to make children aware to maintain privacy on the online platform. This privacy means that they do not have to provide any information about their identity, name, school name, date of birth, family. At the same time, he should hide his identity while creating his account on the online platform. Name here a name that does not belong to any family member.

* Check the age rating of any game played by the child.

* Encourage not to respond in case of intimidation and keep a record of disturbing messages.
* Parents should adopt OTP-based payment methods as per RBI guidelines to protect children from app purchases.
* Parents advise children not to download software and apps from unknown websites.
* Parents should see that the child uses the Internet from a computer kept in the family.
* Keep an eye on the child's behavior.
* Make children aware through Internet professionals from time to time.

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