Afgan Prez says, Taliban has changed since 20-yrs ago, turnaround has been negative
Afgan Prez says, Taliban has changed since 20-yrs ago, turnaround has been negative

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has said that the Taliban has changed since 20 years ago, and their turnaround has "been negative" and the group is more "cruel" now. Ghani made the remarks on Sunday while addressing the inauguration event of what the Presidential Palace termed "electronic governance."

"What is their (Taliban militants) change? They have become more cruel, more oppressive, more non-Muslim," Ghani said. They will not engage in meaningful negotiations unless the situation changes on the battlefield; therefore, we should have a clear stance. For this, there is a need for a countrywide mobilisation," the President added. One of the main problems on the battlefield, according to Ghani, is the delay of payments to security force members. He asked government officials to avoid corruption and don't make him "ashamed" among Afghanistan's partners.

Ghani’s remarks came as Afghan forces fought and bombed Taliban fighters and positions on Sunday as the group mounted offensives in major cities across the country. The Taliban also attacked the airport in Kandahar, the second-largest city of Afghanistan and the former stronghold of the insurgents, with at least three rockets overnight with the group’s spokesperson saying that the aim was to thwart airstrikes conducted by Afghan government forces.

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