Afghan Situation: U.S pressing Pakistan to co-operate on fighting ISIS-K, Al Qaeda
Afghan Situation: U.S pressing Pakistan to co-operate on fighting ISIS-K, Al Qaeda

The Joe Biden administration is pushing Pakistan to help in the fight against terrorist groups like Islamic State – Khorasan (ISIS-K) and Al-Qaeda, following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan. The  US administration is quietly pressing Pakistan to cooperate on fighting terrorist groups,  as per reports.

According to Nahal Toosi of POLITICO, Pakistan wants more public acknowledgment for its involvement in assisting individuals escaping Afghanistan as a result of its assistance to the united states. These and other interactions, as documented in emails, secret but unclassified cables, and other written records obtained by POLITICO, show how tensions between Washington and Islamabad persist two decades after the Afghan war began.

In response, Pakistan - long accused by US officials of aiding the Afghan Taliban - has hinted that Islamabad deserves more public recognition of its role in helping people now fleeing Afghanistan, even as it has downplayed fears of what Taliban rule of the country could mean, the report mentioned. In one discussion with a US official, it said  Pakistani Ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan appeared to question reports that the Taliban are carrying out revenge attacks in Afghanistan - including claims that the group has been executing its perceived enemies in door-to-door raids,according to reports.

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