Afghan women demonstrate in favour of the anti-government protests in Iran

Kabul: Afghan women demonstrated in front of the Iranian embassy in Kabul on Thursday in solidarity with worldwide protests over the death of a young woman under the supervision of Iran's ethics police.

Mahsa Amini, 22, was arrested on September 12 in Tehran for failing to cover her hair in a way that authorities deemed appropriate. According to the women detained along with Amini, Amini was allegedly beaten up inside the police van. He died in hospital after falling into a coma three days later.

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Public outcry over his passing sparked days of fury and protests across Iran, the most significant display of discontent with the ruling elite in more than a decade.

Other countries have also experienced protests.

The slogan "Women, Life, Freedom" has been used by protesters in Iran. A group of about 25 women gathered in front of the Iranian embassy in Kabul and held placards that read: "Beautiful Mahsa, Your blood is our way and inspiration."

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The 24-year-old university student who took part in the protest told Arab News that she had gone to a rally in support of the protest.

“We and Iranian women are both subject to persecution. Under the condition of anonymity, the speaker said, “We wanted to demonstrate that we can raise the voice of our Iranian sisters while highlighting our concerns for freedom and dignity.” are." Huh.

We were inspired to fight for the rights of Afghan women in Afghanistan and there were widespread protests in Iran that were supported by both men and women. Afghan women have shown the courage to reject the oppressive mentality of the Taliban. We will not go away and we will stand once again.

Since the Taliban seized power in August last year following the withdrawal of US-led forces from the country, Afghan women's rights have been severely restricted.

Women are already required to cover their faces in public, are prohibited from traveling alone for long distances, and are not allowed to work in most industries outside of health and education while the hard rule softens. The first term in power was from 1996 to 2001, despite the earlier promise of the edition.

Organizing a protest requires approval from the Justice Ministry by September last year. Any slogan used in rallies should also be approved by the authorities.

Taliban security forces fired in the air on Thursday to disperse a rally in front of the embassy.

According to Afghan women's rights activists such as Muzgan Noori, the demonstration served as "a fine example of brotherhood and solidarity among women who share similar pains and concerns".

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"Afghan women expressed their disapproval whenever they felt the need, and now they deserve the right to do so. Instead of terrorizing them, the government should meet their needs," she told Arab News. ,

"I hope women will be there for each other in the future."

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