Good News! An old friend supports, onion comes from neighboring country
Good News! An old friend supports, onion comes from neighboring country

New Delhi: Onion will not be able to make people cry for long, because Kabul has started sending onions to the country, to have a friendship with India. Afghan onions have started selling in various cities of Punjab, adjoining the western border of the country. Business sources have said that onions have started coming into the country from Afghanistan on the way through Pakistan.

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A source has said that Afghanistan will soon send 30-35 carts of onion to the country, which has been loaded. Sources have said that due to the strong increase in onion prices in India, Afghan traders are excited to sell onion in the markets here and if the price of onion will be Rs 30 per kg here, the onion will continue to come from Afghanistan. Business sources have said that Afghani onion is currently being sold for Rs 30-35 per kg in Amritsar and Ludhiana.

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When asked about the arrival of onions from Afghanistan to India via Pakistan, a top official of the Customs Department said that there is no restriction on the arrival of goods from Afghanistan. At the same time, Rajendra Sharma, a businessman of Delhi's Azadpur Mandi and President of the Onion Merchant Association, has told that in a day or two, Afghani onions will start coming in Delhi's Mandis too, which will further reduce the prices of onions.

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