'Taliban and Haqqani fighting for power...',Mulla Bardar in prison

Kabul: Shocking reports have emerged amid the ongoing power crisis within the Taliban, a tank organization. The report claims that Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada has been killed in a bloody clash between the Haqqani Network and the Taliban. Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Baradar has been taken hostage.

The claim was made by a BRITISH magazine. The report said that the Baradar camp has suffered the most in the bloody struggle for power. With the formation of the government in Afghanistan, there was a huge conflict in the Taliban. The Baradar faction and the Haqqani Network had clashed over power-sharing. The magazine claimed that a meeting was held in September over government formation in the Haqqani Network and the Taliban. The meeting was attended by heated exchanges between the two groups. Meanwhile, Haqqani Network leader Khalil-UL-Rahman started punching Haqqani Mullah Baradar. This was followed by fierce kicks and punches between the two groups and reports of Baradar being shot.

After this struggle, Bardar did not come before anyone for several days. Speculations started to suggest that Baradar had died of bullet injuries. This was followed by a video of Baradar describing himself as healthy. The magazine claims that after that conflict, the Haqqani Network held Baradar hostage at an undisclosed location and the video was also forced from him.

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