Afghanistan government slams neighbouring country says, 'Taliban must accept ceasefire'

Jan 14 2020 05:41 PM
Afghanistan government slams neighbouring country says, 'Taliban must accept ceasefire'

The government of Afghanistan is trying to improve its relations with the ongoing protest and Taliban in the country. In this episode, the spokesman of the Government of Afghanistan has said that the Taliban must cease before any kind of peace talks. He bluntly said that there would be no dialogue with the Afghan government if the militant organization does not do so. Rashtrapati Bhavan spokesperson Sadiq Siddiqui said that neither peace can remain in the region for long without the Taliban ceasefire and violence There will be any kind of reduction in it.

A source has said that the Taliban has prepared a plan for the reduction of violence, but it is not ready for a cease-fire before talks with the Afghan government. NATO's representative for Afghanistan, Nicolas Kai, says he is optimistic and hopes that peace talks between the US and the Taliban will move forward and will pave the way for talks with the Afghan government.

Apart from this, he said that during the last years a strong regional consensus has been formed in favor of peace process and at present, the security forces in this area are stronger than ever before. Another source attached to the peace talks said that the US special envoy in the matter, Jalme Khalilzad, has been in Qatar for the past one week. During this time, he has also had informal talks with Taliban deputy leader Abdul Ghani Baradar.

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