After all, how did this girl become famous in one night, know the whole story
After all, how did this girl become famous in one night, know the whole story

There is a lot of difference between white and black people in this world. Black people are considered to be inferior and they are also highly discriminated against. But today we are telling you about one such black girl who became a star overnight. The photo of this 19-year-old girl from Sudan is becoming very viral on social media. There are many modeling agencies behind this girl. Everyone is behind signing a contract with it, some of whom have succeeded in it but some are still trying. This girl is very much on Instagram these days. Let's know how this became famous.

The name of this 19-year-old girl is Anok Yai. Anoke attended the Homemaking Festival at Howard University in Washington, USA. Many photographers were also roaming around in this festival when a photographer noticed Anok and he captured some of her pictures in his camera. After this, the photographer shared the photos of Anok on social media. Anok's photos became very viral on social media.

As soon as Anok reached home, there were constant messages on her phone, but Anok could not understand why her photo was being liked so much. "For the first time, I felt that someone had created a meme on me. Many people were tagging modeling agencies on my photo and requesting me to hire. When I first saw the photo on Instagram, I didn't like it so much. The photo was fine but people gave a good response. So far, more than 11 thousand people have liked Anok's photos. Last month, modeling agency Next Model signed her. You can also see the photos of Anok."

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