'Why Ankita's dead body did not swollen in water', murder case getting entangled

Dehradun: Ankita Bhandari's body may have been cremated on Sunday, but in Uttarakhand, the outrage about this massacre still does not seem to be diminishing. Actually, people suspect that somewhere there is an attempt to save the criminals of this case. Now the question is arising that why Ankita's dead body was not bloated even after being removed from the water after about 6 days. Why was Ankita's room vandalized in the resort? 

Eyewitness Sarojini Thapliyal said, "I was with Ankita's dead body taken out from water till taken to the hospital for post-mortem. I saw that the dead body was not bloated at all, while it is being said that it was drowning in the canal since 6 days. Not only this, the teeth were also broken and there were scratch marks on the chest.'' Apart from this, there were injuries on Ankita's dead body and hairs were uprooted. Sarojini further said, two women Pramila Rawat and Aarti Rana were also with me. Both of them were also surprised to see Ankita's dead body. The reason for this was that even the fish did not eat the corpse lying in the water for 6 days? How did the injury marks come on the dead body? 

Suspicions are now arising due to the non-flowering of the dead body. People who are raising their voice on social media to get justice for Ankita are expressing apprehension about whether Ankita's body was thrown in the canal after being murdered. Whereas the criminals told the police that after the altercation they had pushed Ankita into the Chilla canal. That is, the story does not seem so straightforward as it is being told and shown. Even after the swift action of the Dhami government against the criminals of Ankita, people are not looking satisfied. Giving the reason for this, eyewitness Sarojini said that due to the post-mortem in the hospital, the panel of doctors was not complete. This means a lady doctor should have also been there to do the post-mortem of the woman, but the entire process was done in the presence of male doctors. That is why the eyewitnesses as well as other persons remain suspicious of this whole process.

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