After all, why are the darshans of Bhole Baba done from between the horns of Nandi?

Nandi is one of the main ganas of Lord Shiva. Yes and worship of Nandi is also considered necessary. You all must have seen many Shiva temples by now where Nandi Baba will also be there. Yes, in many Shiva temples, the statue of Nandi sits in the form of a bull. At the same time, there is a tradition of speaking whatever wishes are there in their ears and there is also a tradition of seeing Shivling from between the horns of Nandideva. Now today we tell you what is the reason behind this?

In fact, the form of Shiva is also luminous and one form is known as Physics Shiva, which we all worship. On the other hand, Jyotirmay Shiva is made of five elements and Physics Shiva is consecrated and chanted in Vedic manner. In fact, Jyotirmay Shiva gives philosophy through Tantra Science and all those who knew this science and whoever saw this form of Shiva, kept this knowledge confidential. Let us tell you that Shiva family is made up of five elements and on the basis of elements the vehicles of Shiva family are sure. In fact, Shiva himself is the five element mixed water and his vehicle Nandi has taken the primacy of the sky element. In the same way, Mother Gauri has taken the primacy of the element of fire.

Yes and his vehicle is Leo (Fire element). At the same time, Swami Kartikeya is the air element and his vehicle is Mayur (air element), Shri Ganesh (earth element), mouse is his vehicle (earth element). You would know that Nandi Dev always sits in front of Shivling and before seeing Shiva, he sees Shiva from between the horns (Aaar) of Nandi Dev. This is because Shiva is also luminous and cannot bear his brilliance on seeing it directly. Yes, Nandi Dev is the sky element and he has full capacity to bear the effulgence of Shiva.

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