Why did David Dhawan and Govinda's 20-year-old superhit pair break?
Why did David Dhawan and Govinda's 20-year-old superhit pair break?

There are many big film directors and actor pairs in Bollywood. Where that director wants to take that actor in every film, one such director is David Dhawan, David has produced many popular Bollywood films. In the 90s, Govinda and David Dhawan used to be very firm. Where everyone was excited to watch the duo's films. Not only in the 90s, even today the audience enjoys the films of this pair a lot. But there was a time when the friendship of this Govinda and David cracked. Today, on the occasion of David Dhawan's birthday, we are going to talk about his and Govinda's old friendship.

Before directing the same films, David Dhawan used to edit films.  Because of this, he had a very good understanding of the nuances of films. When David thought of starting directing films, Govinda was slowly making his place in the industry.  But together with David, he gave the biggest hit films of his time. Govinda's popular film 'Swarg' was also directed by David Dhawan. After that film became a hit, most of Govinda's films were directed by David.  David, along with Govinda, made many big films like Raja Babu, Coolie No. 1, and Hero No. 1.

But since 2000, Govinda's name continued to fall in Bollywood, after that, he thought of starting his political career and he left films and went towards becoming a politician.  After an inadequate career, he returned to films, but at this time he was not getting any work. He wanted to make his comeback continuously, but one thing about David Dhawan was very pricked by him. To make a comeback, when Govinda was back in search of work for himself in Bollywood, he was constantly getting offers of side roles. No one was ready to give him the lead role. Even David Dhawan didn't think he deserved the lead role. He told Govinda on the phone that small characters are available. Govinda himself mentioned this in his interview. Govinda took these things of David to his heart, then he never worked with him. David is still working in Bollywood. Where recently he made Coolie No. 1 film with his son Varun Dhawan, which proved to be a complete flop.

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