After applying mehndi, the hair becomes rough, then apply these things.
After applying mehndi, the hair becomes rough, then apply these things.

Nowadays, at a young age, the hair of boys and girls starts to become white. Yes and due to this, everyone starts applying mehndi or color. However, using them makes the hair rough. Many people apply packaged mehndi or color, then the hair becomes rough. However, in such times, the hair needs special care, so it is also very important to do deep conditionering after applying mehndi. Now we tell you how to take care of hair after applying mehndi.

Mix amla powder and curd in mehndi - If you apply mehndi, then for this, add amla powder to mehndi. Apart from this, it is also beneficial to add one thing of curd or egg and the hair does not even dry. You can also add amla oil or almond oil to the mehndi.

Banana will be beneficial - Along with health, banana is also beneficial for hair. In fact, applying a banana hair mask for soft hair shows a miraculous effect. For this, first mix a banana, aloe vera and any hair oil and leave it on the hair for half an hour.

Egg, vinegar and olive oil - this recipe is also effective for making the hair shiny and soft. Yes, and for this, first of all, mix olive oil, honey, lemon juice and vinegar in the egg white and make a pack and leave it on the hair for 20 minutes and then wash the hair.

Curd hair mask- You can apply curd to remove the roughness of the hair after applying mehndi. Applying curd can provide relief from dandruff along with roughness. Yes and for this, mix two spoons of olive oil or coconut oil in a bowl of curd and then add a few drops of lemon. Now leave this pack of curd for about half an hour and wash it off with shampoo later.

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