After cancer, now the treatment of this serious disease is found, it will be eradicated with just one dose.

New Delhi: After cancer, now the break of an incurable disease like HIV-AIDS has probably been taken out by experts. Success has been achieved in creating a vaccine, with just one dose of which HIV infection can be eliminated. The lab results of this vaccine, prepared by experts from Tel Aviv University in Israel, have been very good. Experts made some changes to the genes of type-B white blood cells present in the body, which broke down the HIV infection. This success has raised hopes that the treatment of a disease like HIV-AIDS is no longer far away.

There is no cure for HIV-AIDS yet. However, with medicines, the spread of this disease can be prevented and a person infected with HIV can live for a long time. The disease is spread by HIV, i.e., human immunodeficiency virus. This infection attacks the body's immune system. If it is not treated, it can lead to AIDS. According to one statistic, in 2020, about 3.7 crore people in the world were suffering from this disease. It mainly spreads from an HIV-infected pregnant mother to her child, using unprotected sex, transfusions of contaminated blood, use of infected needles.

Here's how to win over the HIV virus:-
A team of experts led by Dr. Adi Barzel used B cells to break through this incurable disease. According to the report, these cells produce antibodies to fight off infections and dangerous bacteria in our body. These white cells are made in bone marrow. When mature, parts of the body are reached through the blood. Experts made changes in the genes of this B cell and contacted certain parts of the HIV virus. This led to some changes in them. Subsequently, when these finished B cells were combated with HIV infection, the virus appeared to be breaking down. A special thing was also seen in these B-sales that as the HIV infection increased its strength, they also increased their capacity accordingly and fought them.

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