Corona patients found in Japan after China, death toll crosses1523

Beijing: So far 67,000 cases of Korna virus have been seen worldwide. 1,523 people have died and 66,492 cases have been reported from this epidemic in China. The World Health Organization has named the disease COVID-19. At the end of this year, the name has been named after its origin and the coronavirus caused by it. The maximum number of cases have been reported in China from Hubei province, which is the hub of the virus. By Saturday i.e. February 15, 2020, on the latest data reported by the government's health commission of different countries of the world.

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After China, the highest number of cases has come in Japan. There are 259 confirmed cases here. This includes 218 cases on the Diamond Princess cruise standing off the Yokohama coast. Many Indians are also in this cruise. After this, 67 cases have been reported in Singapore. There have been 56 cases in Hong Kong, China's neighboring country, and 1 person has died. 33 cases have been confirmed in Thailand and 28 in South Korea: According to news agency AP, 33 cases have been reported in Thailand, 28 in South Korea, 21 in Malaysia, 18 in Taiwan. There have been 16 cases in Vietnam and Germany. There have been 15 cases in America. Apart from this, an American citizen has died in China. There have been 14 cases in Australia.

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Three cases confirmed in India: According to the information so far, 11 cases have been reported in France, 9 in Britain, 8 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Canada. Three cases have been confirmed in the Philippines and India. One person has also died due to this in the Philippines. Two cases have been confirmed in Russia and Spain. One case has been confirmed in Belgium, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Cambodia, Finland, and Egypt. The first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Egypt today. This is also the first case in the African continent. According to the information, the patient is foreign. He has been kept under observation in a hospital.

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