Actress said this about change in body after delivery
Actress said this about change in body after delivery

The year 2021 was very special for Bengali politician and actress Nusrat Jahan. The actress gave birth to a son in August this year. Nusrat named her child Yishaan. Nusrat always shares beautiful moments and memories with her son on social media. In addition, the controversy between Nusrat and Nikhil Jain has also become very popular. Now Nusrat is leading a beautiful life with Yash Dasgupta and is also enjoying the motherhood period. In the midst of pregnancy, the actress had a number of changes in her body, which she spoke openly about in testimony, as well as how she felt internally after the baby's delivery.

Nusrat talks about nose surgery: According to media reports, Nusrat has also asked if she underwent nose surgery. The actress says that the size of her nose has increased because she has also undergone changes in many hormonal changes. Nusrat Jahan says, "I haven't undergone nose surgery. Hormonal changes have caused my nose to change size. My legs keep swelling. My body has come in two colours. I see my own body like a zebra at times. If I lie down at the zebra crossing, you can't tell much difference. However, since I have a son, I am slowly getting back to my old look."

Nusrat Jahan has said that coming to the motherhood period is the boldest decision of my life. I've made no mistake about it. It's my life and I have the right to think about myself. People may think that this bold decision of my life was made, but I would say that it was the most accurate decision of my life that I took. I didn't talk about it for a long time because I wanted peace. I'm not a single mother. Just as every child has normal parents, so does my child.



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