After Ukraine, Putin may annex former Soviet states
After Ukraine, Putin may annex former Soviet states

Russia: UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has alerted that Russian President Vladimir Putin will keep waging war on neighbouring countries if he is permitted to invade Ukraine, according to reports.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin put on a show of military might with nuclear drills involving ballistic missiles, submarines, and tank convoys, Truss issued a last-ditch appeal for the international community to band together to confront Moscow's aggression.

In a press brifing, Truss said that if Putin attacked Ukraine, it would pave the way for Russia to use force to conquer more former Soviet republics. "We need to put a stop to Putin because he is not going to stop in Ukraine. He's been very explicit about his ambitions: he doesn't simply want to take control of Ukraine; he wants to go back to the mid-1990s, or even earlier "she stated

"The Baltic States, as well as the Western Balkans, are in risk."Putin has stated publicly that he wants to build a Greater Russia and return to the position prior to the Cold War, when Russia controlled vast swaths of Eastern Europe. "As a result, it's critical that we and our friends stand firm against Putin. It might be Ukraine next week, but what will be the next country?" she continued.

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