Ahmed Mohammed was selling samosas stuffed with beef, arrested

Ahmedabad: Over the past few days, several complaints of cow slaughter and sale of beef have been received in south Gujarat areas. Recently, a large quantity of samosas filled with beef was recovered from Ismail (25 May 2023), a wanted accused in the murder case. Now the latest case is from Dabhel village of Navsari, where a man has been arrested for selling samosas filled with beef in a lorry.

According to media reports, maroli police and cow vigilantes in Dabhel village of Jalalpur tehsil of Navsari received information about the sale of dishes made from beef. After which the Maroli police went to the lake bank in Dabhel village and took a sample of meat found from spices in a truck named A-One Chicken Biryani. The police immediately arrested Ahmed Muhammad Suz from the spot and declared the other as wanted. It was also found that the accused had been selling these samosas filled with beef for the last 4 years. It is noteworthy that earlier, the accused Ahmed Mohammad Souz used to see the police coming towards his lorry and understand that the raid was going to take place. So he would immediately throw beef-filled samosas in the lorry into the lake. He had done this more than once. But this time the police were on alert and before he could throw the samosas full of beef into the lake, he was nabbed.

Investigation has revealed that the accused, 45-year-old Ahmed Mohammad Souz, had been making and selling beef dishes in his lorry for a long time. Maroli police had arrested him earlier too, but he was released without testing the meat. Now the police sent a sample of raw beep from the possession of the arrested accused for examination, then it was said that beef was found in it. Based on this, with the arrest of the accused, another accused uncle Azeem Bhai has been declared wanted.

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