AIDS patients are more at risk from new variants of corona

New Delhi: UK health experts have expressed concern about the new variant of Covid-19, saying that this variant has been found in 'Botswana', and this variant appeared to have the highest number of mutations among the variants of Covid found in the world. This variant has been named 'Nu'. Although only 10 cases of this variant have been seen so far, it has spread to 3 countries so far and it is being said that the spread of this variant is much more than that. According to experts, there are 32 mutations in this variant, which make this variant very contagious and vaccine-resistant.

According to the information received, the spike protein of the 'Nu' variant has more changes than any other variant. The report quoted Professor François Blox, a geneticist at University College London, as saying that 'the virus appears to have been found in a patient with a weakened immune system, who has had a serious illness. Possibly suffering from AIDS, which is not being treated.'

Dr Tom Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College, has said that 'Due to the change in the spike protein of the Nu variant, the challenges of the currently available vaccine increase and combating the virus can be troublesome. He has said that the existing vaccine has been prepared for old virus variants.' Dr Tom Peacock has said that mutations of the new variant are very dangerous, where it has been revealed that Dr Tom was the first to recognize the infection of the variant. This variant is scientifically named B.1.1.529. Experts have described the variant as more dangerous than delta variants and said there could be nothing more dangerous than this variant.

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