Air India passenger finds metal blade in meal, What airline clarifies?
Air India passenger finds metal blade in meal, What airline clarifies?

A recent incident involving an Air India passenger discovering a metal blade in their meal has raised concerns about the airline's safety and service quality. Air India, owned by the Tata Group, confirmed the occurrence and attributed it to a malfunction in a vegetable processing machine used by their catering partner.

Rajesh Dogra, Air India's Chief Customer Experience Officer, stated, "Air India confirms that a foreign object was found in a guest's meal on one of our flights. Upon investigation, it was identified as part of the vegetable processing machine used by our catering partner. We have taken steps with our catering partner to prevent any recurrence, including more frequent checks of the processor, especially after chopping hard vegetables."

This incident is one among several recent complaints highlighting the airline's service issues. On Saturday, a business-class passenger on an Air India flight from New Delhi to Newark reported being served "uncooked" food. Additionally, the airline was fined Rs 1 lakh for defective seats on its Delhi-Toronto return flights.

In another significant event in May, the Aviation Ministry issued a show cause notice to Air India following a 20-hour delay on a Delhi-San Francisco flight. During this delay, passengers were reportedly kept inside the aircraft without air-conditioning in the intense heat of Delhi. Some passengers fainted, while others requested to disembark due to the uncomfortable conditions.

These incidents have placed Air India under scrutiny as it works to address and improve its service standards.

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